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About Hollar Construction

At Hollar Construction we value your time and trust.

So, instead of using this about section to tell you how great we are (because that’s what everyone does, and no one really believes it anyway.) We want to list the top 10 issues homeowners have with contractors and provide a brief example as to why we are different.

Failing to communicate.” You will not only get both owner’s direct phone numbers, but you will also get the contact information of any personnel who is working on your home. (But, what if none of them answer?) If we go more than a day without responding to you, your project will be discounted.

Random Subcontractors.” No one likes random people in or around their home. So, you will be fully introduced to everyone who will be involved in your project. Along with contact information.

Low-quality work.” We warranty EVERYTHING. I could tell you we never do any bad work (and that would be the truth.) But instead, we prove our confidence through warranties. If something is done incorrectly, we have to fix it.

Extending the timeline.” I’ll be honest, this happens sometimes. But, not for the reason you hate. We NEVER extend timelines because of “overbooking.” We take on the amount of work we can handle, and we don’t accept any more until that work is finished. The only reason we would need to extend your timeline is if there is more damage than initially anticipated, or if a certain material is on backorder. At that point, we would sit down with you and discuss options. Full transparency.

Messy.” We never leave a job site without cleaning everything up and leaving it better than the way we found it. But, if for some reason we do and we don’t come and clean it up after the FIRST time you let us know. We will discount your project.

Additional Fees.” In construction terms, these are called “change orders.” For example, if I pulled the siding off of your house to find the wood behind it was rotted out. I would come to you and explain the situation. You then would have the option to repair the damaged wood that we couldn’t see before, or not. It’s your house, you choose. What we don’t do is tack on additional fees without an explanation.

Entering a home uninvited, or showing up without a heads up.” What? You don’t like waking up in the morning to the sweet sound of nail gunfire? We have never had this issue before because of the freedom we give our guys to contact you… We never show up unexpectedly. We love this because it also works in the inverse. If something comes up last minute and you have to reschedule, you can call the person who is coming to your house directly.

Dividing attention.” I touched on this earlier. We only take on the amount of work we can handle. Once we book up, we stop taking on work until the previous jobs are closed.

Wasting time.” I hear this complaint a lot. (Not about our company of course.) Workers sitting around in a homeowner’s yard and taking countless breaks. This is frustrating because it leads to deadlines not being met. How do we combat this? We have an incentive program for our guys to finish jobs on time. Notice how I didn’t say “earlier.” We never want to rush a project, we just want to stay on schedule.

Pay and Pray.” We all know this one. The contractor is super nice and helpful until you pay him. Then…He vanishes. This is where warranties come in. Plus, at the end of our jobs, the homeowner gets some sweet Hollar Construction merch. We want you to wear it…So we have to be nice… In all seriousness, our warranties are designed to make you feel comfortable when trusting us with your house…Before, during, and after the project is completed.